JPowerFlow-Framework Version 1.1.0

This Java library provides the programs and interfaces necessary to run both AC and DC power flow simulations.


snl.ccss.jpowerflow This package provides interfaces and abstract classes necessary for creating and implementing new power flow solvers. This package provides steady-state AC power flow solvers.
snl.ccss.jpowerflow.dc This package provides a DC power flow solver.
snl.ccss.jpowerflow.util This package provides helpful utility methods for power flow solvers as well as for users that use the power flow solvers.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem This package provides interfaces necessary and abstract classes optional for creating and implementing new power sytem objects.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem.generic This package provides generic data objects of common power system objects.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem.parsers This package provides the interface all parsers in this library should implement.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem.parsers.cdf This package provides a parser that can parse data from a data file organized to the specifications of the IEEE Common Data Format (CDF) and from that data create a new power system.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem.parsers.cdf.dataobjects This package provides data objects that contain the data provided in an IEEE Common Data Format (CDF) data file for a power system and all the bus and branch objects that belong to the power system.
snl.ccss.jpowersystem.powerflow This package provides abstract classes that can be extended by user-created power system objects.


This Java library provides the programs and interfaces necessary to run both AC and DC power flow simulations. It currently includes two steady-state AC power flow simulators, a Full Newton- Raphson iterative solver and a faster but less accurate Decoupled Newton-Raphson iterative solver. It also currently includes a DC power flow solver. These programs reference methods defined in interfaces that must be implemented by objects that wish to be candidates for participating in the simulations.
This library utilizes a framework for creating a power system that contains bus, branch and bus device objects. Examples of bus devices objects include generators, loads and inductors.
Included in this library are abstract implementation of the required interfaces that can be extended or used as examples for implementing the interfaces. Also included are generic power system objects that contain the most common variables referenced from these objects.
This library also provides a parser interface for future parsers and an IEEE Common Data Format (CDF) parser that can parse a CDF data file and create a new power system from the data. The parser uses the provided PowerSystemFactory to create new instances of power system objects.